Throughout my PhD, field work was a major part of my research program. However, my advisor and I had the silly idea of proposing a large scale field experiment to simultaneously measure environmental and morphological factors from the shoreface to the dunes continuously for a six week period, in rapidly evolving coastal system. The Sandbar Aeolian Dune Exchange Experiment (SEDEX2), funded by the US National Science Foundation, was carried out in summer 2016 - involving the deployment of over 50 instruments, entailing days and days of topo, many new skills learned, and many sleepness nights. The result was an overwhelming amount of data which has already yielded many new insights into processes driving coastal change in dissipative coastal systems. 

Our Coastal Dynamics (2017) conference proceeding paper gives some explanation into the basic findings and setup of the experiment. Though much of the remains to be done with this dataset.